90’s Beauty Products Every 90s Girl Had To Have

90's Beauty Products

Let’s talk about 90’s beauty products. In this era, things were not as chemical as they are today, but they still managed to be remarkably effective. Here are some of these beauty products of the ’90s.  Please don’t get nostalgic. 

Conair Hot sticks The Conair hot sticks were very flexible hair rollers. They were available in two different sizes and after using them on your hair, you ended up with some bouncy spirals and tight tendrils. Even today, they are still available in different varieties, though they have somehow been replaced by flatiron, hairdryer, and styling wands.

90's Beauty Products
90’s Beauty Products

Maybelline Wet Nail Polish

In this era, for one to get their nails looking good, they to actually visit the salon. This nail polish was therefore introduced as a way to keep your nails awesome from home. It guaranteed you seven days of fresh-looking nails and toes. It became an essential part of every girl’s bag.  

Bottled Emotions Perfume

This was a magical one! You could actually express your emotions through your scent. It was amazing to know that you could change how you felt with a simple spray. It came in a pocket size so you could take it anywhere. The scent didn’t last that long, but at least you could bring it with you. 

Coppertone Kid’s Colorblock- Beauty Products

This was the first colour sun block that could disappear. It came in two different colors, blue and purple. It was a really flashy look on you when you had a bikini on, and purple cream covering your body. 

Lip Rageous Lip Balm

These were really small lip balms, almost the size of your thumb. They were so affordable and available in almost every corner store. They smelled and tasted so amazing. That is why they were loved by a lot of people in this generation and some were even addicted to it! 

Tommy Girl Perfume

Tommy Girl perfume was just not for everyone. You had to be somebody if you used this. It was so strong; you could get the scent from blocks away. Anyone who possessed this perfume was just way on the top, since Tommy Hilfiger, the company that came up with this perfume, was at the top in its fame. 

Original Herbal Essences Shampoo

The original version of Herbal essences shampoo was packaged in a simple way. This perfume emitted a variety of very lovely scents. This brand has grown ever since and it has maintained the original scents since then. This way, they keep their day one costumers satisfied. 

Lip Smackers- Beauty Products

Bonne Bell lip smackers were the first of these products to ever exist. They were available in a lot of shops at very affordable prices. They tasted and smelt heavenly! Girls would take pride in collecting them and having a variety of flavors. They even had enough to trade with friends! With time, other collections came into the market and the one that swept everyone off their feet was the Strawberry Kiwi Comet. This one was just on another level. 

List Of 90's Beauty Products
List Of 90’s Beauty Products

Hard Candy Nail polish 

They had a really catchy packaging. When you saw the box, you already knew it was incredible. It had a variety of metallic shades that could make your nails and toes look royal. Moreover, it was mostly featured and advertised in the best fashion and beauty magazines. It was a really trendy commodity then. 

CK One Cologne- Beauty Products

CK cologne was the first ever gender neutral scents in the market then. It had a unique scent that was regarded as more adult- like. This cologne from Calvin Klein is still hot in the market. It brings a different mood to the environment. 

L’Oreal Kid’s Shampoo- Beauty Products

This shampoo smelled edible! It was made for kids’ use, but this alluring scent drew even the oldest people into using it. Who would mind if their hair smelled edible! It had a really catchy packaging and promised a “no tears” effect, which ended up being a mere catchphrase! Anyway, it was still worth it. 

Rave Hair Spray 

This spray left your hair not just smelling amazing, but also gave you a feeling of freshness in your hair. Spraying it on your hair before a class could keep you active during the whole lesson! 

 There are a lot of beauty products from the 90’s that made beauty just incredible. Though the scents were not as advanced as they are in the beauty products today, they still did the trick. 

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