Beauty Is A Feeling Everyone Should Relish

Beauty Is A Feeling Everyone Should Relish

Beauty creates an emotion of ecstatic sensation, which is highly pleasing to the ears, eyes, and mind. It gives a feeling of satisfaction with its lust for love like a child watching a rainbow across the mountain. It was the Pythagoreans who felt this lust and stated that everything that falls under Golden Ratio looks beautiful.

Later revised by Pluto, beauty went out of materialism, and he marked it as an idea of the form. Then, it has been through piled up files of metaphors, gradually uttered as a subject of philosophy.

Beauty Is A Feeling Everyone Should Relish
Beauty Is A Feeling Everyone Should Relish

The diversity in understanding the meaning of the term has created a lot of space for art and creativity. It is something that mesmerizes you, demands attention, and shakes you inside to dance at a calm breathe full of love.

The evolution of beauty has seen its view from object to idea and then to will force. It was mapped by homo sapiens, fish to ape, and then ape to humans.

Diversity Of Knowing

Ancient Greeks have referred to beauty as an object that is a pleasure to the eyes, ears, or mind. They often created sculptures of man and woman and appreciated it’s appearance as beautiful. The artist who has this magical hand ability was considered a messenger of God. They are still trying very hard to define the term.

Aristotle’s Definition of Beauty

Aristotle describes it as a way of virtue. It was another jump to the next stage in the evolution of this term. This way of approach has touched the main essence of it but is still missing its depth to explain. So, in the Age of Reason, it got its relationship with nature.

This time it was digging deeper to its national view. During the rise of literature, it was an object to the artist, often describing its magnitude value to humans. For philosopher Francis Hutcheson stated that it is a unity in variety and variety in unity.


Beauty Is A Feeling Everyone Should Relish
Beauty Is A Feeling Everyone Should Relish

During the 20th-century, Frederick Nietzsche said that there is a will to obtain power. It came to its point of understanding that its infinite possible form can be experienced.

Guys Sircello’s philosophical view stated that beauty is a concept that makes the whole larger than the galaxy with its variation like colors. This way of pursuing its definition has created an open space for psychology, philosophy, and even neuroscience.

Some experiments were done and the human brain is affected. But in the end, it defines the meaning of the soul that resides in our body. Emotions create chemical changes in the brain which results in flooding of love on the heart.

Beauty has a deep connection with the word love that factually describes its full spectrum of existence. It creates a bond between heart and mind, which can be a medium to escape from suffering in materialism.

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