Wedding Eye Makeup | Best Ideas For Wedding Eye Makeup

Best Ideas For Wedding Eye Makeup

Best Ideas For Wedding Eye Makeup

Every girl has a dream to get married one day, as it is the most important day of her life. A bride wants to look like the most beautiful person on her wedding day. A wedding day is a good day, of course. Hence, the bride needs to look amazing from head to toe. Makeup helps increase the beauty and make a look more attractive. When it comes to facial makeup, the beautiful wedding eye makeup is the first thing that is considered most important.

Our face is the primary thing that comes into the picture. Makeup helps sharpen the features of the face. Eyes are one of the most important parts of our face.

Previously, there used to be a standard procedure that was followed. These days, people use many creative, innovative ideas for wedding eye makeup. However, there are a few ideas that are still recommended as the best wedding makeup ideas. Here are some best wedding eye makeup ideas that you can try according to your facial features and skin color. The most important thing for wedding eye makeup is eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara.

The Ideas

Best Ideas For Wedding Eye Makeup
Best Ideas For Wedding Eye Makeup

Eyeshadow For Wedding Eye Makeup

Using light gold eye shadow, with the help of a brush, dab the light gold color or nude shadow on your upper portion of eyelids and eyebrows. Repeat two to three times to get a more bright color. Use a little darker shade to define the crease.

Mix it well with the help of a brush and dust off the excess. Apply eyeliner on your upper eyelash by using liquid eyeliner. Do this process from inner to the outer portion. Remember, apply eyeliner carefully according to your eyelashes line. To give the illusion of big eyes, you can extend the line. After, curl your eyelashes and apply mascara on your upper and lower eyelashes.

Doing this process two to three times, and it will give a darker look to your eyes. Let it dry. Make the borderline of your lower eye line with the help of eyeliner.

Traditional Wedding Eye Makeup

Traditional Indian bridal makeup gives the bride an elegant and gorgeous look. There are some basic eye makeup products used to create this look. The shape of the eyebrows plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of the eyes. Hence, it very important to first shape your eyebrows. Then, apply the foundation on your eyelids. Cover the area between the eyelids and eyebrows. Blend the foundation thoroughly using a brush.

Now, use gold brown eye shadow. One can add a shimmering light rosy eye shadow to the crease area. Applying rosy eye shadow helps highlight the eye bone area. Apply light brown eye shadow on the outer part of eyelid two to three coats. Carefully do this entire process.

Apply a single coat of gold eye shadow to the upper eyelid and then apply eyeliner. You can use artificial eyelashes to look more attractive, as well.


Best Ideas For Wedding Eye Makeup
Best Ideas For Wedding Eye Makeup

These are a few simple ideas one can follow to make themselves look beautiful on their wedding day.

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