Cosmetics: Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow | Cosmetics

Cosmetics: Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow

Cosmetics: Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow

Cosmetics have earned itself quite a reputation. They are not considered mere products one uses, but rather these products have become an accessory that is integral to a person’s being.

There was a time, long ago, when cosmetics were basic products that did basic jobs for your skin and hair. But today, they are much more. In the modern era, they are very different from their older versions.

How Cosmetics Have Evolved?

Cosmetics: Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow
Cosmetics: Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow

In the past, people have lived with cosmetic options far limited than what we have today. If we go back to the Egyptian era, we find out that berries, scented oils, etc. were used by people to enhance their looks.

While there was no formal cosmetics market, we have been using art cosmetics for as long as humanity started to civilize. In the Egyptian era, men were no strangers to this and would use everyday things to keep themselves looking better.

People today make conscious decisions about the items they buy. Do we use beautiful products produced in a cruelty-free way? What were the ingredients used? Were they produced sustainably? These are all the questions that come to mind when thinking about buying such products.

These items have evolved drastically, as they have kept up with how people have changed.

Cosmetics Today

These products today are very science and technologically oriented. It is not just the ingredients used to make them are scientifically tested but also the process with which the products are produced.

Cosmetics have also evolved in a way that now there are a plethora of options available, not just for a single body, skin, or hair type but for everyone. Today, one can choose to buy the products that are customized to that individual’s skin type, hair type, and overall preference.

There is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach in the industry. They are also taking the natural ingredient route instead of continuing with the chemical route there had been for a long time. More and more consumers want to see transparency in the supply chain.

Art Brands

The industry today also has to keep up with how today’s consumer thinks and feels about society. It was created for different skin tones, hair types, and body sizes considered to be standard. A lot of brands are taking steps to build a more inclusive society, even if that is through their sales.

Cosmetics: Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow
Cosmetics: Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow

If one rewinds only a hundred years, one wouldn’t see half the cosmetic products they do now. The plethora of options available to one today is fairly recent. While art cosmetics in itself isn’t a new concept, some of the cosmetic options that we see today are very recent. Contouring products and tools are one such recent advent.

One is likely to see a lot more technology integrated into it in the coming years. A continuous industry innovation, scientific advancements, and the rising demand amongst consumers are very likely to change the course of where the cosmetic industry will reach.

The Future

The future of these products looks bright, and we will only see more and more advancements as we move ahead. All of it makes one think, “What a time to be alive!”

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