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Everything You Should Know About The Colour Street Nails

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While Color Street sells its colour street nails polish strips on its website, it’s worth noting that the company is also a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, which means it makes money without paying employees. Individual sales inside their network earn this labour a modest commission. A salon-quality manicure is one of the simplest ways to elevate your appearance. Of course, if you don’t know how to paint within the lines or simply don’t want to bother, this might be difficult. That is until Color Street Nails came along. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about these ostensibly miraculous nail stickers.

About Colour Street Nails

Color Street is a firm that sells a variety of nail stickers made entirely of nail polish. These stickers are designed to suit your precise nail form and imitate the look of a salon-quality manicure without the need for actual nail painting. The excess is simply peeled, stuck, and filed away. Colour street nails are “real nail paint that has been dried down onto a strip for a quick, mess-free manicure with no dry time,” according to Hannah Parks, marketing coordinator for the business. It’s a salon-quality manicure that includes a base coat, colour coat, and topcoat that you can apply in one step without stains or splotches.

Their Application

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Colour street nails stickers come in packs of sixteen strips, ensuring that you get the perfect fit for your nails. Simply choose the strip size that best suits your nail, peel off the backing paper, and apply the strip from the cuticle to the tip of your nail. You’ll almost certainly have an overhang after you reach the tip. To deal with this, use the file that comes with the package to file away any surplus. While filing these strips may make you nervous about snagging the polish, be assured that they are made to be filed.

The Process

It’s critical to clean and prepare your nail beds before adding any Color Street strips to your nails. To do so, remove any remaining polish from your nails, wipe away any oils with the accompanying Prep Pad, push your cuticles back, and file all edges for a clean, smooth foundation. Select the appropriate nail strip sizes for each nail once your nails have been prepared. Remove the backing from one nail strip at a time and place it on your nail right away. If you wait too long to apply the glue, it may dry out and your Color Street nails will not stay as long.

When putting the sticker, Parks recommends aligning the rounded end against your cuticle and avoiding sticking the sticker on top of your cuticle. She recommends smoothing the sticker out toward the tip of your nail once it’s been applied, eliminating any little air bubbles along the way. If the stickers don’t fit precisely, Parks recommends gently stretching them to achieve the optimal fit. Fold the extra strip over the edge and carefully file downward to cut it off without disturbing the look of your polish after spreading it onto the nail.

They Are Long Lasting

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The best part is that these ultra-simple nail stickers are designed to last up to 10 days. However, many Colour street nails customers have observed that they last much longer, according to Parks. If we do say so ourselves, that’s a very good bargain considering their low price.

The Removal Technique

Whereas other, equally long-lasting manicure treatments might be difficult to remove, Color Street nails are a breeze. Because they’re manufactured using genuine nail paint, they’re easy to remove with just acetone or nail polish remover. To avoid damaging your nails, we always recommend doing this instead of removing or pulling off the Colour street nails.

Wrapping Up

You do not need to select a design! Colour street nails also have a wide selection of on-trend seasonal hues that make matching your manicure to the weather a breeze.

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