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Halloween Eye Makeup – How To Create A Scary Halloween Costume

halloween eye makeup

Looking for some great Halloween eye makeup tips? Here, gathered from the pros on the eye area, you will want to DIY this year. From simple little cobweb shapes to elaborate landscape designs, there is definitely something for everybody. There are several ways to accomplish scary cob webs, and it is one of top choices because it is beginner-friendly. The eyes are the first thing to really catch attention, so give them a spooky look with these DIY Halloween eye makeup tips.

Applying A Coat Of Black Mascara

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When creating your Halloween eye makeup, start out by applying a coat of black or dark mascara to your lower lashes. This accentuates your eyes and draws focus downward. For the rest of the face, apply a light but darker shade of black or dark brown color foundation to your entire lid area and blend the foundation into your previously applied makeup. For your brow bone area, use a brow pencil to define it and then use a brush to fill in any gaps.

Complete your Halloween eye makeup look with a full black dress and a pair of black leather gloves. Complete the look with a spider web bracelet and black shoes. This costume is perfect for women who wear red lipstick, so make sure you have red to spare. You can add spooky spider webs as accessories to your costume, or you can also use other eye makeup like glitter glue for some extra dramatic eyes.

Use Green Or Brown Eyeshadow

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Another great option for Halloween eye makeup is to use green or brown eyeshadow to create a Halloween look. With these colors, you can create different shades of gray, such as charcoal gray, which is very popular during this time of the year. With these colors, you can create either a Gothic or a more classic look depending on how you would like your eyes to look. The most effective way to wear these brown or green eye shadow colors is to pair them with a charcoal gray dress and with an off-white costume to create the most striking contrast.

Green Mascara

If you want your Halloween eye makeup to be more authentic, try using mascara and eye shadow that have green colored bases. This would be perfect if you are wearing a more natural looking costume, or if you would like to add a little spunk to your outfit. Some of these green eye makeup looks include a very daytime look with a greenish tinted base, a more night time look with a purplish tinted base and a more daytime look with a golden tinted base.


These are just some of the most common eye makeup tips for Halloween costumes this year. Since there are a lot of spooky and scary costumes available during Halloween parties, you would definitely need plenty of spooky mascara, glitter and eyeshadow to complete your Halloween outfit. However, do not buy any of these items yet if you do not know how to apply them well and apply them properly. Learn more by visiting my blog today.

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