Korean Makeup: Do You Ever Used Korean Makeup Products?

Korean Makeup

When discussing East Asian make-up, Korea is certainly no doubt among the most popular hotbeds of modern makeup trends. Asian make-up trends tend to lean more toward a very natural, skin-first appearance. Although traditional Korean beauty often takes on a soft, natural approach to cosmetics, there are also many modern trends coming out in the name of Asian beauty that has some slightly more radical looks to them.

The most notable trends to take note of when considering Korean make-up would be those that are taking advantage of a less-traditional approach to color and style. While it has always been said that Asian make-up tends to favor the soft look over the bold and bright, there are many makeup brands out there now who are taking advantage of this and really getting creative.

Inquiry, Relatively
Inquiry, Relatively

Use Of Neutral-Toned Colors

The most popular trend that is taking hold among many people today is the use of neutral-toned colors to add some subtle color to the complexion. These are particularly effective at creating the illusion of softer skin. But because these colors tend to be much less dramatic than the reds and oranges common in traditional Asian make-up, they are also often a lot less expensive. These colors are most often found in cosmetics and skincare products. But they can also be found in various types of makeup as well.

Korean Makeup Choose Lighter Skin Tone

In terms of skin color, the current trend with many brands in the world of Korean make-up is to choose a lighter skin tone. This makes the skin appear lighter and more even in texture, allowing for a softer look overall than with darker skin. In general, lighter skin tones are also more easily able to breathe, allowing the makeup itself to breathe too.

Eye Shadow Brands

When it comes to eye shadow, another feature that many make-up brands have come to realize is that the color that works best with Asian skin tones is a light blue or hazel shade. While these shades are typically used as eye shadows alone. They can also be paired with additional eye makeup to create a more even look as well.

Many of the new Korean cosmetics brands that are coming out today will offer eye shadows that have multiple colors in them. This allows the user to experiment with different hues and depths without having to worry about creating too much or too little. Some make-ups also offer eye shadows that have an array of different colors for different eye colors, as well.

Of course, while it is certainly not common practice to go overboard when it comes to using eyeliners and blushes in Asia. Many Korean makeup brands are creating eye shadows that are much more colorful. These colors can be really cool and bold or really bright and bold, and really pale.

Korean Makeup: Do You Ever Used Korean Makeup Products?
Korean Makeup: Do You Ever Used Korean Makeup Products?

Range Of Colors

Another trend taking hold today is that of colors that include multiple colors. In particular, eye colors that are found in Asian make-up are often purple, green, yellow, blue and gold. These colors have long been seen in Asia. And many of these make-up brands are creating eye colors that will look very similar to these. Also using them in the application process of makeup to give a very vibrant look in the application.

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