Ladies' Makeup: An Enigma -

Ladies’ Makeup: An Enigma

Ladies’ makeup is right now a billion-dollar industry. It did not start this way, rather had more humble beginnings. Makeup in the ancient times was equivalent to using berries on the lips and cheeks and using oils and ointments to keep smooth skin.

Today, there are multiple products one uses in a makeup regime. There are a plethora of makeup products such as foundation, primer, blush, bronzer, and highlighter. It is safe to say that ladies’ makeup has evolved into a hugely popular industry with hundreds and thousands of products for any makeup requirement one might have.

Here are three ladies makeup products that are very popular and have played a key role in how this industry has grown. Also, these make for fantastic additions to ladies’ makeup routine.

Concealer Stick Face Makeup 

Ladies’ Makeup: An Enigma

This concealer stick is a must-have for any ladies makeup enthusiast, whether new or professional. It does not require a separate brush application. It comes with an air cushion sponge for easy application and spreads the concealer efficiently.

This has properties that will control oil on your face and will perfectly hide any blemishes that you might have. It provides full coverage and will last longer, which also means that your makeup will look fresh for longer. This is suitable for all skin types, and so if you have sensitive skin, it still makes a great buy.

It comes in four variants, and you can pick one based on your skin color and requirement. The four variants are natural, wheat, light coffee, and dark coffee. This product is also a great buy if your skin tends to dry out with ladies’ makeup because it will keep it moisturized at all times. It is a handy stick you can carry easily and will fit into a tiny bag in case you are carrying a compact bag. 

Foundation Makeup Oil Control Liquid 

Ladies’ Makeup: An Enigma

If you are looking for a foundation that will last you hours on end and will give your skin instant radiance, your search ends here. This is a great foundation that will visibly refine your skin texture and will control excess oil on your face for up to 12 hours.

This product contains an ingredient called the Japanese evergreen spicebush, which means that it will also replenish your skin with antioxidants, making it firmer and reducing any signs of aging. Unlike most foundations, this will not clog up your pores, as it is made of minerals. It has a shelf life of three long years.

It comes in eight different color variants, which are alabaster, porcelain, warm ivory, natural, natural tan, honey, warm beige, and sand. 

Eye Palette Eyeshadow Makeup Set 

Ladies’ Makeup: An Enigma

This is a great set of eyeshadow ladies makeup for ladies makeup enthusiasts. It comes with eight different colors and shades in matte, glitter, and shimmering colors. You can create a look as subtle or as dramatic as you want using these highly pigmented and long-lasting eyeshadow colors.

It comes in three variants, which are ablaze, golden hour, and matte. These colors are easy to blend and will be a part of your favorites for a very long time.

An amazing ladies’ makeup is possible with the help of these amazing products.

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