Makeup Tips Oily Skin – Get Ready In 10 steps

Makeup Tips Oily Skin

All those people who have oily skin combat more Oil after applying make up. If you’re facing this issue, then you are actually following the wrong steps on how to do makeup on oily skin. During the application of makeup on oily skin, the main battle is fought with mattifying moisturizer, Oil free foundations, and finishing powders. You would be fed up with wetting your skin with powder again and again because it is getting oily. How about you get the makeup tips oily skin to get yourself ready in just ten steps.

10 Makeup Tips Oily Skin For Good Look

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Step 1: Preparing Your Skin

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Before starting anything on your face, you need to rinse your face with warm water To remove all the oils and doors that your face has. Also, apply a mild cleanser to your face.

Make sure that you do not wash your face again and again in a day to not disturb the natural moisture and oil production quality of your skin.

Step2: Apply Toner On Your Skin

The owners are designed to remove excess dirt, oils, and makeup from your skin. Make sure that you saturate a cotton ball with an Oil-free toner.

. Wipe your face with the court and wall having toner. Keep in mind not to put direct contact with the cotton ball with the eyes.

Rosewater is an excellent natural toner.

Step3: Moisturize Your Skin

Oily skins always require additional moisture. Look out for a moisturizer that is oil-free, shine-reducing, and has mattifying characteristics. It is essential to apply a small amount of moisturizer to your face.

Step4: Apply Matte Primer On Your Face

To get a smooth and shine-free base, use primer. Primer does not allow your makeup to melt off. Choose a mattifying, Oil-free primer in a liquid to powder or powder form. Make sure you cover your eyelids along with the entire face with primer.

Step5: Conceal Your Spots

Oily skin is prone to blemishes, and applying a thin liquid matte concealer layer could help you in reducing the imperfections of your face. For a good base, apply one layer of liquid concealer, then apply some powder foundation. Once done, repeat the same step again. Also, do not use cream concealers as they tend to clog your pores.

Step6: Foundation Application

While purchasing a foundation, you must check if the foundation is oil-free and non-comedogenic(won’t clog your pores). Choose a powdered foundation as it works best for oily skin. Apply a thin layer of powdered foundation in a circular and dabbing motion for better absorption. Choose a moose foundation if you do not like powdered foundation.

Step7: Add a Blush To Your Cheeks

Matte blush could enhance your look and will render you an instant radiant glow. To apply properly, Circle the brush from the apples of your cheeks to upper cheeks. Do not opt for shimmer blushes as they make your face look shinier.

Step8: Combat with Oily skin the entire day

If you feel your skin Oily, remove the oil from your face using a blotting paper. As it allows you to remove the Oil without wearing off makeup.

Step9: Add Powder to the Oily Spots

After you’re done removing Oil using blotting paper, make sure you add the powder to those oily spots. The powder will absorb the remaining oil on the skin and will even your complexion.

Step10: Use Oil Fighting Face Mask

To better your skin, consider treating your skin once or twice a week with an oil-absorbing face mask. Choose a mask that contains kaolin or bentonite clay.


Every person has different characteristics and if you have oily skin, make sure you take care of it properly. Follow the above-given ten makeup tips oily skin that can make you look more beautiful every day.

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