Oily Skin Makeup Tips – Try If You Want A Oil-free Skin

Oily Skin Makeup Tips

Any woman facing a shine-prone complexion right from her puberty will understand that oily skin management is a dangerous thing. You might also have tried many products, from masks to scrubs, to get rid of those trouble-causing spots. It would help if you were extra careful in choosing makeup products for oily skin. It can be a daunting thing if you need to put on makeup almost every day with oily skin. But with a few amazing oily skin makeup tips, this task can be a little bit easy. This article deals with tips for makeup and skincare hacks for oily skin.

Oily Skin Makeup Tips

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These oily skin makeup tips are important if you have oily skin.

1. Primer

With oily skin, you will suffer a meltdown of makeup very early. Therefore you must use a primer before putting all the makeup products on your face. The primer will help the makeup to last long on oily skin. Use these oily skin makeup tips to give you a matte finish as it won’t make your skin shinier.

2. Foundation

Another oily skin makeup tips include using a foundation that can give you a matte finish look if you have oily skin. It will prevent your skin from looking overly greasy.

3. Mattifying powder

After applying foundation, use a matte oil-free powder. It will set you in the right direction. It is essential if you have oily skin.

4. Blotting sheets

The blotting sheets are easy to carry and great for touch-ups. It will absorb excess oil from the skin.

Skincare Hacks For Oily Skin

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Follow these skincare hacks to make your oily skin healthy and less prone to acne breakouts.

1. Moisturize

Oily skin needs moisturization too. You cannot skip the process of moisturizing. Moisturizing is a must-skincare tip because, without it, your skin can get dehydrated, and to provide moisture to the skin, your skin will, in turn, produce more oil.

When you purchase a moisturizer, you must look for water-based or gel as it will not block pores.

2. Clay mask

To remove extra oil and remove impurities, you must use a clay mask. This mask will soak up all the extra oil in the pores, making the skin appear lighter. You must follow this up with hydrating serum. If you don’t follow this, then your skin will feel dry as well as tight.

3. Exfoliate

To make your oily skin better, you must exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. It will eliminate dead skin, and all the dirt settled over your skin. It is essential because the dirt makes your pores block, and thus your foundation looks cakey. Always go for a chemical exfoliator because it will be rich in acid-based formula and penetrate deep into the skin, which will remove dead cells. It will give your skin a radiant glow.


Oily skin is the most prevalent problem. It will make your skin look shiny and also produces more acne. But with the right oily skin makeup tips and skincare hacks, the oily skin problem can be tackled easily. Thus, always research well before buying and applying cosmetic products the right way.

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