Should One Apply Concealer Or Foundation First? -

Should One Apply Concealer Or Foundation First?

concealer or foundation first

One of the most fundamental daily activities to be seen in human society is made up. A large number of people indulge in it. However, it is not an easy task. There are multiple facets to it which makes it complex at large. One needs to be familiar with the different aspects of it so that they can deal with it better. There are often many questions in the minds of people to be found which they wonder about because they have no guidance in that case. One such question is whether they should apply concealer or foundation first. This is one question that plagues countless people. This is true for not one nation but is rather a global problem. People from all walks of life have been known to have this question and they wonder what they can do at first.

Understanding The Need To Know Concealer Or Foundation First

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One needs to understand what should be the starting point. In order to know this people might wonder why they should bother at all about knowing which to apply concealer or foundation first. This is a pertinent issue to note in this case. The answer is that makeup is something that is connected causally to many things. One needs to understand that even if one step along the way gets compromised then it can lead to a range of complications that are not desirable. Hence people need to figure this out from the very outset so that there is no scope of ambiguity to be found later that can bother people.

The Correct Way In Case Of Concealer Or Foundation First

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There are various opinions in this realm but according to experts globally there has to be the foundation in the first. It needs to be understood from the very outset that applying foundation from the beginning can be largely convenient for people based on which the concealer can be then applied accordingly. There is an element of customization to note in this regard. The foundation as well as the concealer in the manner of their application must be suited to the person on whom it is applied. Unless the element of customization is subtly present, then it can lead to a range of complications that is not at all desirable.

Why Foundation Goes First Usually?

The reason for that is economic. What one can find in this case is that the foundation when applied first can lead to a lot of savings in terms of product. Thus in the debate of concealer or foundation first, people must remember that by choosing a foundation, they are also contributing to savings as well. The economic factor of affordability is intriguing to note in this case and people must understand that this can go on to make them look even more beautiful than they aspire to be.


In the sphere of makeup, various debates are common. One such debate is concealer or foundation first which we have explored here. The different facets of the answer have been analyzed from different angles for the convenience of people at large.

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