Some Weird Makeup Products You Should Know About

Weird Makeup Products

The fashion as well as the makeup industry is evolving with newer makeup products and fashion trends that enhance the beauty and charm of the individual. Apart from the basic and essential makeup products, you will also find some weird makeup products? These were generally introduced to offer people something new to the users and stay ahead in competition but not many find them useful. But yes, people wish to use them once. However, some will amaze you.

Mentioned below are some makeup products that would amaze you.

Lip Gel Cover: One Among The Weird Makeup Products

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Sounds to be nothing but just a lip cover, but is one of the weirdest beauty products. It is a jelly-like mask that is of giant lip-shape. When you put it on it will give you a weird look but these are generally used to moisturize the lips. So, if you want to try giant lips and get a weird look, then you may opt for this.

Silk Cocoon

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Have you ever wanted to rub your face or skin with a silkworm shell? Sounds weird and that is what it is. Being a weird makeup product, silk cocoon is used for rubbing on your skin for getting a natural peel. For a soft feel on your skin, you may opt for the weird silk cocoon rubbers.

Weird Makeup Product: A Donkey Cream

It has a weird name, yet exceptionally it is an awesome makeup product. This cream is made up of the milk of the donkey. This cream has melting properties that thoroughly clean the pores of your skin and the oily texture of the cream keeps your skin soft. It may sound like a weird makeup product yet has many benefits.

Wearable Nail Polish Holder

It is a ring-like structure that you may wear but it is just like a nail paint holder. You can say that it is useless but somehow you could need it. It is available in several colors and could be used for decorative purposes.

Skincare Mask

This mask may look terrifying and weird but it is very useful. You may wear this mask to get an LED treatment anytime at your home only. This will help in reducing fine lines as well as wrinkles and you may get blemish and dark spot-free skin.

Balm Of Egg White

If you are of the opinion that eggs are for only eating, then you may be proven wrong as the egg white could also help in removing the blackheads from your skin. The combination of egg white and camellia extract could help in removing the blackheads from your skin as well as washes away the dirt and excessive oil of the skin.


Makeup products are good for enhancing beauty as well as they help in moisturizing the skin and keep it looking young. But there are several such products which seem to be weird yet are beneficial for the skin. Some products sound weird and are of no use. So, opting for useless products is a waste of money. Thus, choose your makeup products wisely.

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