Wed Me Well With Wedding Eye Makeup | Tips For Wedding Eye Makeup

Wed Me Well With Wedding Eye Makeup

Wed Me Well With Wedding Eye Makeup

Your wedding day is probably the most important day of your life. All your loved ones, family, and friends come together to celebrate a day you will never forget. Surely, you want to populate your wedding day with the very best of everything. If you are aiming for the best of everything, one thing you can’t forget is your wedding eye makeup.

Your eyes reflect who you are on the day of your wedding. While your wedding trousseau and hairdo are important, you should not forget about your wedding eye makeup, which can make or break your entire look.

Wed Me Well With Wedding Eye Makeup
Wed Me Well With Wedding Eye Makeup

You should choose a makeup style ahead of the wedding date and decide on a look that you would want on your special day. You may choose to do this with the help of a professional beautician, with your friends and family, or only by yourself. It all depends on the level of complexity you want and your skills.

Some Wedding Eye Makeup Looks

Here are some wedding eye makeup looks that you might want to try depending on your skin and the look you want to create.

1. Smokey Wedding Eye Makeup

This is a favorite amongst many. It is an eye makeup style that flatters most skin types and will complement most of the bridal attires in the market. It can be slightly daunting if you are attempting it for the first time, but some rounds of practice can help you master this look.

2. Rosy Wedding Eye Makeup

If a soft color profile is what you want, you can’t go wrong with a rosy look for your eyes. It does a better job of accentuating eyes on lighter skin tones. If you want to match the rest of your makeup to this look, you should go ahead with this.

3. Metallic Eye

This is not a very traditional look for the eyes but has gained a lot of popularity very quickly. This will look the best with autumn colored wedding trousseaus.

4. Copper Eye

If a traditional bridal look is what you want to go for, this can be a suitable option. This tends to give a heavy makeup look to your eyes, and if you wish, you can skip the eyeliner and top the look with some mascara.

These are some of the most popular and in-vogue wedding eye makeup styles. You can either choose to go with one of these or create a look that is personal to your style.

What To Do Before The Session Starts?

Below are some tips that you should follow to create a flawless eye makeup look:

  • Make sure you to get your eyebrows done a day or two before the wedding and not on the day of, as that can leave redness and irritation on your skin.
  • Get enough beauty sleep the night before to avoid any dark-circles.
  • Have the right equipment for the eye makeup you want. In case you are getting a professional’s help, ask them to get the right equipment. If you are executing your makeup yourself or with the help of friends, make sure to get the right brushes, products, and tools.
Wed Me Well With Wedding Eye Makeup
Wed Me Well With Wedding Eye Makeup


A wedding day might get stressful for plenty of reasons, but makeup shouldn’t be one of them. Make sure you select a look ahead of the wedding and have fun getting your wedding eye makeup done.

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